About Us
  A Social organisation engaged in welfare activities aimed at alleviation of Society and all-round amelioration of society especially for Maheshwari Samaj
All round development of the Society.
Procurement, management, maintenance, utilisation and disposal of fixed assets of the society.
Augmentation and management of immovable assets, including depositing the funds in bank, earn interest and if possible, extend financial help.
Augmentation of fixed and movable assets and to obtain donations from members of the society.
Endeavour for day to day, social, moral, educational, mental and cultural upliftment of the society.
Keep liaison and contact with similar organizations at local, state, national and international levels.
Guidance and advice to members in tune with times and circumstances of the present day environment in the country.
There is no profit motive involved in all the abovementioned activities.
Promotion of the spirit of friendship and fraternity amongst the people, upliftment of the women’s status in society, mother and child care, matrimonial consultations, marital harmony, settlement of marital disputes .